Men’s rights aren’t fair, says the Feminazi

Men's rights aren't fair, says the Feminazi


The Men’s Rights issues and sites are gaining recognition as well as new attention from the MSM, as was demonstrated in an article by Tom de Castello. It is growing daily so why not come on side and join the wining side instead of siding with a hate movement that denies the fundamental rights of men and boys..

Here is an example of their fairness and free speech action at work. How dare anyone disagree with them, shocking..

This sticker was next to my seat on the train yesterday. I tore it off.

What if the next person who sat in my seat was a victim of rape? How do you think they would have felt?

As evidenced by their mission statement, A Voice for Men is a disgusting organisation and it makes me sick that such people even exist in my city.

Get your ill informed propaganda out of the public space and have some respect for your fellow human beings.

(Reblogged from kilgorescreed)

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